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Recipe & Cooking Content Development – Spicely Organics

Jewelry Wear Inspiration Guides – Lori Bonn Design

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Bare Walls, Be Gone Instagram Campaign –

Share the Love Facebook Campaign – Lori Bonn Design

Wall Collage Pinterest Campaign –


Mission Statement Development – Spicely Organics

About Us Landing Page – Lori Bonn Design

“You’re a Big Deal” Email Campaign – Lori Bonn Design

Daily Deal Offer – Wicked Dance & Fitness

Film Marketing Description – “Audie and the Wolf”

Film Marketing Description – “The Bet”


A Nutrition Lesson from Popeye –

Top 5 Fit Disney Characters (and How They Got Their Rockin’ Bods) –

Out on the Town: Homeroom Mac + Cheese Restaurant Restaurant Review –


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