Melissa Rae Lopez is a Bay Area-based writer, designer, and content marketing specialist with interests in food, fitness, and health.

Hello! My name is Melissa.

I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I work as a writer/editor, blogger, designer, and content strategist with a knack for digital storytelling.

Fueled by unbridled curiosity (and copious amounts of black coffee), I love creating solutions for values-driven companiesespecially those that lift women up and promote a healthy lifestyle.

My strengths include super-creativity, a keen attention to detail, and a brand-focused approach to marketing.

About My Experience

I have 6+ years of experience working with wonderful Bay Area-based companies. I’ve managed online marketing (content, social media, email, etc.) for an organic food company, developed content and designed ads for an esteemed independent film festival, written daily deals for hundreds of small businesses across the nation, managed all B2B and B2C communications (online and in-store) for a fine jewelry brand, and traveled back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean as a traveling au pair.

When I’m not basking in the glow of my laptop screen, I’m either crossing another restaurant off of my bucket list, experimenting in my own kitchen, running, or working on my deadlift.

Areas of Expertise

  • Content Strategy, Management and Execution

Evidence-based content that adds value, persuades and delights a clearly defined audience

  • Copywriting

Compelling copy and attention-grabbing headlines that drive action

  • Social Media

Community management and online conversation creation

  • Blogging & Editorial

Engaging blog posts and articles with a unique point of view

  • Graphic Design

Branded graphics for web and print